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Macs are being spied on just like Windows machines


Any tech savvy Windows user is familiar with the term backdoor trojan; either they've been infected with one themselves or know someone who has. Now, it's time for Mac users, especially those who work for entities that are targets for corporate or military espionage, to become more aware of this threat says a report in Ars Technica.

According to Ars who spoke to Jaime Blasco of security firm Alien Vault, two backdoor trojans that infect Mac computers have been discovered in the wild. These trojans target the employees of several non-governmental, pro-Tibetan organizations and exploit a security hole in Microsoft Office and Oracle's Java framework. The holes have been patched, but apparently the security fixes closing them were not applied in this infection.

Once installed, the trojans send user and domain information to a central server owned by the people who created the malware. The trojans then sit in the background awaiting instructions. This is only one report of such targeted attacks, but Blasco believes this won't be last. As companies and governments move from Windows to Macs to avoid security problems with Windows, it only makes sense that Macs will become the next target.

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