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Media Center to live in a separate version of Windows 8?

Ben Drawbaugh

To the surprise of many, but not all, the same great Windows Media Center from Windows 7 was part of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. What this means for the final version of Windows 8 is still far from known, however, Winunleaked offers up a new clue with the Pro Pack edition labeled as ProfessionalWMC. It's hard to know however, if this is just a different SKU for the Professional version of Windows 8 or a glimpse of something that will impact multiple version of the new operating system. Media Center started as a separate product from Windows proper and Microsoft has publicly left clues that it might return to its roots -- presumably to avoid making every Windows user pay licensing costs for codecs like Dolby Digital that are required for live TV. For the moment, it's really just more speculation while we wait for the fall to arrive with latest official offerings from Redmond.

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