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T-Mobile brings the Playground and Urban Zone to its TV app


We know you can't help but let your kids smear their sticky fingers all over your G-Slate and Galaxy S II. To make matters worse (but for a good entertainment cause), T-Mobile's TV app is on the receiving end of a fresh set of channel bundles -- one of which is packed with cartoons. Playground TV and Urban Zone will each be priced at $4.99 per month (or $5.99 if you want to go the HD route), bringing shows like Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer, Sesame Street, Fat Albert, as well as BET and Crackle TV. To go along with the new video content, T-Mo's also outing a revamped Android widget, which fills you in on program info, breaking news and tips and tricks. Now that you know, it's up to you whether you'll let your kiddos know or not. What's it gonna be?

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