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Rovio expanding into Sweden; next, the world

Jordan Mallory

Angry Birds originator and eventual ruler of all mankind Rovio is widening its grasp upon the world by opening a new studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Should all go according to plan, the presently unnamed new studio will be staffed by 20 to 30 folks within a year.

This announcement follows Rovio's recent acquisition of Futuremark Games Studio (Unstoppable Gorg, Shattered Horizon), as well as its highly successful launch of Angry Birds Space. "2012 is going to be a big year in gaming for us, and we're constantly on the lookout for great new talent," said Rovio's executive VP of games Petri Järvilehto in a statement to CVG. "We're excited to expand to Stockholm and work in one of Europe's gaming and innovation hotspots."

From what we're able to tell from the pictures on Wikipedia, Stockholm looks like a beautiful place, but we can understand that not everyone interested in working for Rovio will immediately fall for the city's Scandinavian charm. Don't worry though, future Rovio Stockholm employees. You'll learn to love it.

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