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    Simpl. for iPad creates and publishes websites simply


    Simpl. is a brand new website creation and publishing tool for the iPad. Version 1.0 has just hit the iOS App Store and I was invited to take a look

    So how does Simpl. work? By directing your website to To start, create a Simpl. account. Your username will become a part of your Simpl. web address (for example: Once you've created and confirmed your Simpl. account, download the Simpl. app from the iOS App Store -- it's free!

    Using preset themes, the Simpl. app lets you create a website using several preset pages (home, about, news, photos, text, quotes and contact). Each page can be edited and renamed, but the functionality of those pages is specific to their category. The result is the layout of a basic blog.

    It's extremely easy to edit these pages on the iPad, and this is where Simpl. lives up to its name. You can add or edit text, create links to other websites, and easily add photos from your camera roll or photo stream to your photos page. There's basic linking to Facebook and Twitter, too.

    Previewing your work in progress is as easy as a tap on the preview button. And if you decide you don't like the theme your using, it's a matter of simply switching to another one. Once you've got all your content as you'd like it, hit publish and within a minute your new site is up and live. It's... simple!

    Simpl.'s strength is in just how easy it is to use. And you can imagine the less technically inclined so easily jumping to Simpl. to create their first website or blog. I put a basic site about my cat (the first thing I saw!) together within a few minutes. However, at version 1.0, for the ever so slightly more ambitious, Simpl. will leave you wanting a bit more.

    The team at Simpl. have told me there's lots to expect from future updates, and as an incentive to get involved early, they're offering two months free hosting and a lifetime 20% discount on the monthly subscription, which is US$3.99 including the discount after the two month trial.

    Thought it's got some room to grow (adding some more advanced features while maintaining its simplicity), Simpl. provides a super easy and intuitive way to create and publish websites on the iPad. It's definitely worth checking out.

    Simpl. is a free app from the iOS App Store. You can view a promo video of the app here.

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