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World of Warcraft Mega Bloks season 1 revealed


Remember way back when Mega Bloks announced that it was creating a line of Warcraft sets? Which lore pieces would make for the best building block sets? Which characters did we want to see? Well, season 1 of the Mega Bloks Warcraft line has been revealed, and it is amazing. One of the larger sets includes Deathwing and Stormwind, where you can recreate your favorite cinematic moments from Cataclysm!

Faction packs include Ironoak the night elf, Ragerock the orc, Valoren the blood elf, and the ever-exciting and fancily named Colton the human paladin. Mount packs include Swift Gryphon with worgen rider, Goblin Trike with goblin rider, Flying Machine with gnome pilot, and Swift Wyvern with tauren rider. There are also three other larger sets, including the Lich King and Sindragosa, Demolisher Attack Horde versus Alliance, and the Goblin Zeppelin.

However, my favorite set of them all (and proof that the folks over at Mega Bloks play World of Warcraft, are Warcraft fans, and understand the nature and feel of this game) is The Barrens Chase Set. The Barrens Chase set is the quintessential WoW setup -- dorky night elf riding his cat in hot pursuit across The Barrens, chasing the most awesome orc on the planet, riding a rocket. This is World of Warcraft at its best.

Check out all of the new sets in our gallery, and look for them in stores soon.

Gallery: Warcraft Mega Bloks season one | 14 Photos

Mega Bloks Warcraft season 1 revealed
With only sporadic images floating around the Internet since we announced our partnership with Mega Bloks at BlizzCon, it's no wonder we've been getting truckloads of questions about the upcoming product releases. The community has been dying for a sneak peek at what our design teams have been building together and we're finally ready to unveil some exciting new details!

Feast your eyes on the 2012 Mega Bloks World of Warcraft Passport, an in-depth series preview of our initial construction toy offering featuring images of the final prototypes. Be sure to sign up at the Mega Bloks Warcraft Fan Site for future updates, designer insight into the creation process, and news regarding as-of-yet unannounced products and exclusives for 2012.

"Working with [Mega Bloks] has been nothing but epic. Time and time again, they pull all the stops in realizing [World of Warcraft] in construction form. Not only are they passionate for great toys, but they're especially passionate about our games. That's the big win here. Blizzard and Mega Bloks share the same values which has made this partnership a success. The halls of Mega Bloks in Montreal are riddled with Blizzard fans and at the end of the day, it shows in the innovative and exciting product we're putting forth."

- Nick Carpenter, Vice President, Art & Cinematic Development

SEASON 1 (Summer 2012)

It's all about Blue vs. Red! This summer, build the battle with the Mega Bloks World of Warcraft Authentic Collector's Series, featuring highly-detailed customizable figures, dragons, vehicles, and more! Coming soon to a retailer near you:

Buildable Deathwing and Stormwind. Will your Alliance heroes keep the world-breaker at bay or will he get his final, fiery laugh? Includes exclusive Varian Wrynn and two additional faction figures with interchangeable gear.

91000 FACTION PACK Asst. (average 25 piece set)

Build & customize the faction heroes with interchangeable gear and buildable race-themed displays. Collect Colton, Ironoak, Ragerock, and Valoren!

91007 COLLECTIBLE MOUNT Asst. (up to 90 piece set)

No creature uncollected; no engine left unturned. Featuring the ultimate rides that Azeroth has to offer, each set includes a buildable faction figure with interchangeable gear to collect and customize. Assemble the forces with a Swift Gryphon, Swift Wyvern, Flying Machine, and Goblin Trike.

91025 BARRENS CHASE (128 piece set)

Buildable "two-fer" mount set featuring the exclusive X-53 touring rocket and Darnassian Nightsaber. Includes flags and faction figures to build and customize.

91008 SINDRAGOSA & THE LICH KING (150 piece set)

Buildable Sindragosa and Frozen Throne. Almost too awesome for words. Includes exclusive Lich King figure with Frostmourne.

91026 DEMOLISHER ATTACK (299 piece set)

Defend the Alliance tower or destroy it with the Horde Demolisher! Includes faction figures with interchangeable gear and two launchers to build the battle!

91014 GOBLIN ZEPPELIN (310 piece set)

Get the drop on the Alliance with this airborne, goblin-engineered attacker! The buildable Goblin Zeppelin features front-mounted, brick-blasting missile and faction figures with interchangeable gear. Be on the lookout for a tier set favorite.


Be on the lookout for this icon on select World of Warcraft boxes. Inside, you'll discover additional, randomly assigned weapons, gear, or artifacts, some more rare than others!

Don't see your favorites? There's plenty more in store for 2012 and beyond. Next stop, the official launch of in just a few weeks!

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