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World of Warplanes is adding dragons for that extra kick of historical accuracy

Shawn Schuster

In a press release from early this morning, has announced that it's adding dragons to its upcoming World of Warplanes.

I'll just let that line sink in a bit before I continue. Yes, the studio is adding dragons; there's a video and everything (included past the cut). According to the release, the "initial tech tree will include 12 dragons and will eventually expand to more than 60 creatures. Each mystical animal will have its own peculiarities and strategic employment. Players can upgrade several key characteristics including fire intensity level, color, number of claws, horns, wingspan and skin thickness."

Now, I should remind you what this Sunday is, so you can put two and two together, but it's an interesting thought nonetheless.

Will we see more early April Fool's jokes today? Stay tuned!

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