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Behold the unrelenting cuteness of 'Offspring Fling!'

Jordan Mallory

The blurb on the front of Offspring Fling!'s fake, SNES-inspired box art invites potential players to "experience the thrill of motherhood in this baby throwing adventure," which unsurprisingly is an invitation we're remarkably inclined to accept.

Developed by Kyle Pulver and scored by Alec Holowka, Offspring Fling! puts the player in control of a "poor forest creature" who must locate her lost children across 100-plus levels. Once found, said children can be stacked upon the forest creature's head and then tossed about to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. It sounds fairly simple, but as you can tell from the above trailer, things can get a little squirrelly.

Offspring Fling! is available for $7.99 on PC and OSX, direct from the game's official website. There's also a playable in-browser demo that we heartily recommend, if only because we want the rest of the world to experience the simple pleasure of picking up one of these tiny little baby-chick-bunny-duckling things.

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