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Massively Exclusive: Eligium's world history, chapter 1

Eliot Lefebvre

Maybe you've been following Eligium since it was first announced. Maybe you've been interested after reading our impressions of the title from GDC. Maybe you're only just now hearing about it. Whatever camp you fall into, the game is continuing along with its testing and nearing an official release. And while some players might be interested only in leveling particularly involved mounts and enjoying some wide-open exploration, others want to know a little more about the world the game inhabits.

We've seen snippets of the game's lore from the various racial reveals, but the team at Frogster is putting together a series on the game world's history in more detail. The first installment gives a quick and broad overview of the pre-history of the game's setting; it's just after the cut. If you're interested in the game, enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for future installments in the history updates.

Eligium's World History, Chapter 1

Children of a now-forgotten land, the Heavenly Court and Empire of the Glistening Flame had waged war for countless eons, bickering over territorial claims, until one day imperial scholars explored a mysterious barrow. Deep within, amidst the treasures, the gifts of the gods to a forgotten race were discovered. Unknown to the intruders, a diabolical chain of events was set in motion.

Assailed on all sides by a demonic host, the brave warriors and mages of the now-united armies stood side by side in a battle the likes of which the stars had seldom seen before. After a cataclysmic conflict, a war with no victor, the land was left cursed and scorched, unfit for even the hardiest of beasts. And so gigantic arks were built and upon these sleek vessels, the people of the Heavenly Court and Empire of the Glistening Flame left their homes, and fared far away from the ruins of the past and the ravages of war.

New shores would welcome the brave men and women, new allies would greet these noble travelers, new gods would embrace their acts of worship and new cities would be built in the likeness of their ancient memories. But greed, delusion and anger, those most pervasive evils, would again drive a dagger into the heart of a hard-earned alliance... until the day that an age-old nemesis would once more reveal itself to the eyes of the world.

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