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Perpetuum expands the sandbox with player-built settlements


Perpetuum's sci-fi sandbox is preparing to go from your basic Toys-R-Us plastic pool to a full-on professional playground setup in the near future. Its team of 10 developers are slaving away at creating 24 brand-new "Gamma" islands for players to colonize and fight over, as well as the tools with which to stake their claim.

This chain of two-dozen islands will be the foundation for Perpetuum's Player-Built Settlements (or PBS, if you miss Sesame Street). Everything from the buildings to the land they're built on can be created and modified by players to make a real and lasting impact on the game world.

Settlements will be color-coded to represent its parent corporation and are incredibly complex in regards to how the buildings are linked to each other. Of course, this being a PvP game, other corporations will certainly have motive to destroy and conquer enemy territory.

[Thanks to Roy for the tip!]

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