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HEY! Here's a Kickstarter for a yelling-controlled game


Gnilley was originally designed for the 2010 Global Game Jam in Sydney. The idea was, at first, to design a game that used the pitch of your voice to alter the environment. However, developer Radix said, it "ended up being about YELLING AT EVERYTHING."

Radix wants to turn that prototype into a full, top-down, Zelda-plus-screaming game for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, and has turned to Kickstarter to make that happen. There are 28 days left for Radix to raise the modest $10,000 in development costs sought.

Rewards include copies of the game, posters, t-shirts, and even the opportunity to design a minigame level. "You'll get access to an easy-to-use level editor and a special beta build for testing your creation, then submit it once it's awesome." For $250, you even get a customized microphone to yell into.

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