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Think Geek's April Fools' Day swag includes Minecraft 'Creeps' and a Skyrim hoodie

Jordan Mallory

Think Geek does April Fools' Day like no one else, partially because the fake items they come up with are consistently hilarious, but also because one phony gag always ends up becoming a real product. This year, we're hoping the realness treatment comes to one of the two goofy gifts seen above, the Minecraft Creeps or the Skyrim Electronic Dragon Shout Hoodie.

If they actually existed, the Minecraft Creeps would come in packs of four at $4.99 a pop. The Skyrim hoodie, similar to Think Geek's other electronic clothing apparel, would run on four AAAA batteries (not included) and would be capable of reproducing all 20 of the Dovahkiin's shouts.

To be honest, we also wouldn't mind if the Star Trek Inflatable Captain's Chair or the Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass were put into production. Actually, you know what, Think Geek? Just go ahead and make all of this stuff, we promise we'll buy at least one of everything.

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