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Tribune stations nationwide including WGN America go dark on DirecTV


In the latest round of disputes between pay-TV providers and networks over the millions of dollars we, the customers, are paying for service, Tribune Broadcasting Company (owner of several different broadcast networks nationwide including WGN America -- list follows after the break) and DirecTV are going at it. As a result, the 23 broadcast networks under Tribune's umbrella are no longer available on the satellite service, and there's no indication when they'll be coming back. Oddly, DirecTV claimed Thursday it had accepted Tribune's terms, before the Tribune Company stated no deal had been reached. Now both sides are accusing the other of misleading viewers but no matter who is responsible the facts remain the same -- until they settle things you'll need to get those channels some other way.

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WGN America National Ch. 307
s s s
Local Stations: s s
WGN (CW) Chicago, IL Ch. 9
KDAF (CW) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Ch. 33
KWGN (CW) Denver, CO Ch. 2
WXMI (FOX) Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, MI Ch. 17
WPMT (FOX) Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA Ch. 43
WTIC (FOX) Hartford-New Haven, CT Ch. 61
WCCT (CW) Hartford-New Haven, CT Ch. 20
KIAH (CW) Houston, TX Ch. 39
WXIN (FOX) Indianapolis, IN Ch. 59
WTTV (CW) Indianapolis, IN Ch. 4
KTLA (CW) Los Angeles, CA Ch. 5
WSFL (CW) Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL Ch. 39
AZA (AZA) Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL Ch. 40
WGNO (ABC) New Orleans, LA Ch. 26
WNOL (CW) New Orleans, LA Ch. 38
WPIX (CW) New York, NY Ch. 11
WPHL (MNT) Philadelphia, PA Ch. 17
KRCW (CW) Portland, OR Ch. 32
KTXL (FOX) Sacramento-Stockton, CA Ch. 40
KSWB (FOX) San Diego, CA Ch. 69
KCPQ (FOX) Seattle-Tacoma, WA Ch. 13
KZJO (MNT) Seattle, Tacoma, WA Ch. 22
WDCW (CW) Washington, DC – Hagerstown, MD Ch. 50
KPLR (CW) Saint Louis, MO Ch. 11

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