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Daily Mac app: Battery Health monitors your Mac's battery

Mel Martin

With all the talk of battery life of iPhones and iPads it's easy to forget that your laptop battery needs some attention every so often.

My laptop battery is pretty old, and it doesn't last as long as it used to. No surprise there, but I'd like to easily quantify its condition. That's where a free app in the Mac app store comes in called Battery Health. This little utility will reveal your current charge level, the capacity of your battery (it loses capacity as it ages), the number of times it has been charged and more.

You can get some of this information from a System Report when you select About this Mac from under the Apple Menu, but I like this utility better. There are some other free utilities that get you the same information, and some paid ones, but Battery Health does the trick for me.

If you are wondering about the state of your battery, and you should, give Battery Health a try. Some posters note that the app appears to be derived from another free open source app, CoconutBattery, and they do have some similar features. Download them both and put each to your personal tests.

If you check the gallery you can see the info the app gives you.

Gallery: Battery Health | 1 Photos


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