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Friends 'til the End flies out of 'What Would Molydeux?' 2012


This past weekend game developers all around the globe got together and tried to create games based on the amazing tweets of the Peter Molyneux parody persona, @PeterMolydeux. One of our favorites is Friends 'til the End, a game inspired by this tweet:

"You play as a small boy with a remote control helicoptor that is alive and your friend, then you discover a nuclear missle [sic] inside it."

In Friends 'til the End, players must simultaneously navigate a small boy and a toy helicopter through treacherous environments. We don't want to spoil what happens when you fail in the game -- check out the video above to see for yourself.

The event, dubbed "What Would Molydeux?" concluded yesterday. Friends 'til the End is designed by the folks at Tribute Games, whom you may recall from WizOrb. We really want to play it, so excuse us while we go do that right now!

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