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iPhone 4 Photoshop file available for app development


Developers -- are you in need of a really high resolution mockup of the iPhone 4/4S Retina display GUI elements to help the design of your app? Geoff Teehan and his team created a Photoshop file (.PSD) to help you mock up those apps.

According to Teehan, "The file is huge, both in file size (62.7MB) and dimension (4074 x 2986). You'll need to work at 25% – 50% even on the largest screens to roughly grab elements before zooming into 100% for the actual work."

Teehan mentions that as they were developing the template, they noticed that Apple had expended a lot of effort on determining how each UI element would be translated to the 640 x 960 pixel native resolution of the iPhone Retina display. "What were single pixel elements are now two or three pixels thick and effects are exaggerated to become visible," says Teehan.

The file is free for the download, but Teehan asks for anyone using the file to "Pay Whatcha Like." That seems to be a fair and useful pricing scheme.

[Via Macgasm]

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