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Leisure Suit Larry HD seeks a Kickstart


For $50,000, you can alter the "Ken sent me" password in Leisure Suit Larry, which is used to gain access to a room even seedier than the bar to which it's connected. You can forever change it to your own name. This profane act is the most tempting, most outrageous reward tier for a new Kickstarter by Replay Games, to fund continued development of the HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards.

Replay wants to localize the game into more languages and put it on more devices -- and it has plans for Larrys 2-7 as well -- so it's joined the Kickstarter gravy train to seek $500,000. Other reward tiers offer digital or physical copies of the game, posters, and even Larry-branded condoms.

How much do we have to pay in for an updated Laffer Utilities?

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