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NEOWIZ launches Seven Souls Online

Jef Reahard

We brought you an exclusive preview of Seven Souls Online at last month's GDC event in San Francisco. This month, NEOWIZ has officially opened its doors to everyone via the title's official launch. Seven Souls takes place in the world of Akkadia, and it combines ancient eastern and western culture with sci-fi elements and a free-to-play business model.

In terms of gameplay, the title features three classes, combo-based combat, and a cube system that provides for rare combines, crafting items, and item deconstruction. Traditional MMO staples like questing and open-world PvP are present and accounted for, and NEOWIZ is also running a few launch-specific bonus events including a max combo contest, a boss monster video contest, and an Easter egg hunt. Further details on the contests, as well as the free client download, are available on the official Seven Souls website.

[Source: NEOWIZ press release]

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