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Rock of Ages gets Steam-exclusive 'Block of Ages' update; PS3 version launching in May with 'secret bonus content'


We enjoyed our time with Rock of Ages, sure, but we really could've used more outright aggravation in our attempts to wield the game's eponymous main character. Atlus' latest Steam-exclusive update to the game solves that very problem, turning the orb of rock into a solid block. As you might imagine, this makes movement just a tad more difficult than normal, meaning that the various obstacles stopping said rock from pulverizing an opponent's castle are all the more difficult to navigate.

Atlus PR man Aram Jabarri demonstrates that frustration in the video we've dropped just above, and you can grab the update for free via Steam right now.

In other Rock of Ages news, the game will finally see launch on the PlayStation 3 in May or June, Jabarri told us. "If the quartz is with us, [Rock of Ages] should be out worldwide for PSN in May/June and it will have bonus content, as well as SECRET bonus content that will launch exclusively on PS3," he said. He also clarified that the Block of Ages content "will not appear on any other platform."

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