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Far Cry 3's multiplayer looks as fun as it is pretty


Far Cry 3's multiplayer mode will offer a few specific perks activated by the aggregation of Team Support Points, the "currency" of multiplayer, VG24/7 writes in a hands-on preview. TSP can buff allies or hinder enemies through features such as psyche gas, which makes the opposing fighters see every person as a demon silhouette, with no reference for team assignment. Battle Cry offers a buff to team members and gives the activator a chunk of TSP.

Each round has an optional map tutorial at its start and an interactive cutscene to end, wherein the top player from the winning team will have the option to beat the losing team to death or to free them. Domination mode seems to be a lesson in classic capture-point format, while Firestorm offers a more creative multiplayer approach, with the offensive team attempting to light two ignition points in the enemy's camp that will be doused with gasoline when the opposing team calls in air support -- unless the enemy secures its radio first.

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