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Hi-Rez Studios offering exclusive Tribes and SMITE demos at PAX East


With the excitement and craziness of PAX East just a couple of days away, studios are clamoring for your attention with promises of candy and sweet, sweet previews. Hi-Rez Studios is no different; the company hopes that attendees will check out its booth for exclusive demos of its upcoming Tribes: Ascend and SMITE.

Players who visit booth 962 can check out a new preview release build of Tribes: Ascend before the game launches formally later this month. The demo contains a new game mode, Capture & Hold, which is a fast-paced experience that requires the mastery of vehicles and teamwork. Players will also get to see the return of a classic 1998 Tribes map revamped for modern times: Raindance.

Hi-Rez's other PAX East offering is its MOBA SMITE, which is in closed alpha testing. Here, attendees can choose from one of 15 deities and head out on to 5v5 battleground maps for serious smackdown. New to the public are six of these playable deities and the first look at the Fire Giant mob.

[Source: Hi-Rez press release]

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