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Maelforge and Laethys soar into action in RIFT's latest Infernal Dawn trailer


In the recent weeks, we've been inundated with information on RIFT's upcoming patch 1.8 and the accompanying new raid, Infernal Dawn. We've already gotten up-close-and-personal looks at the big baddies of Infernal Dawn, Laethys and Maelforge, but today Trion Worlds has released a spankin'-new trailer to get players hyped up to take on the dastardly duo of draconic deities.

The trailer itself takes players inside the raid proper to give them a look at the many enemies they'll be squaring off against. It also gives us the first look at Laethys and Maelforge live and in action, and to say that these two appear formidable would be quite an understatement. They look, in layman's terms, like they're willing and able to mess your day/week/life right up. You can see for yourself in the full video, so why don't you go take a gander?

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