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Regional carrier Alaska Communications to sell the iPhone


Most Apple fans get their iPhones from the big three -- AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint -- but there are other regional U.S. carriers that also have the iPhone as part of their stable of phones. Shortly after carrier nTelos announced that it will begin offering the iPhone 4S, regional carrier Alaska Communications announced that it will bring the iPhone to the 49th state.

If you're an Apple fan in The Last Frontier, you can begin lining up at your local Alaska Communications retailer soon -- the iPhone 4 and 4S will both be available starting at 12:01 AM on April 20.

Four plans are available to Alaska residents only -- for unlimited talk, no text messages, and 2 GB of data per month, you'll pay $90. For unlimited talk and text plus 5 GB of data, the bill goes up to $101 per month. Those are for nationwide roaming plans; if you'll only be placing calls from within the state of Alaska, the rates are $10 lower per month.

To quote the state's motto, "North to the future!"

[via Macworld]

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