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TERA sheds some light on open beta as test weekends draw to a close


TERA's launch is now just beyond the horizon, and that means that it's almost time for the game's closed beta testing to draw to a close. Specifically, it means that this weekend will mark the fifth and final closed beta test weekend, so En Masse Entertainment has put up a new blog post discussing what was learned from CBT 4 and what players can expect from CBT 5, open beta, and launch.

One thing that the team is looking at very intently for open beta and launch is the difficulty of the starting experience -- or perhaps more appropriately, the lack thereof. Players have long said that the starting experience is not challenging enough, and the team has been listening. On top of that, En Masse has been working on a number of other changes as well, including tweaks to the enchantment system, some additional equipment and skill options, and even an entirely new tutorial zone that "serves as the precursor to the current Island of Dawn experience." The full details, of course, can be found in the official post over at TERA's official site, so go on and read up and we'll see you in in Arborea again soon.

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