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XSEED bringing Way of the Samurai 4 to North America as a digital PS3 release


The last Way of the Samurai game had two publishers on two different platforms in North America. Way of the Samurai 4 has just one publisher -- and it's neither of the previous companies. XSEED is taking on publishing duties for the PS3-exclusive action adventure, opting to release it digitally on PSN.

Players take the role of a masterless samurai in the period immediately after Japan opened its borders to foreign trade. In this changing Japan, your customizable character can get involved with three factions: the shogunate, Prajna isolationists, or the new foreign occupants. Or you can just hang out in a dainty little dress, apparently.

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XSEED Games to Publish Way of the Samurai 4 on PlayStation 3 system
Action Adventure Title Set in Feudal Japan Headed to North America in Summer 2012

Torrance, Calif., (April 4, 2012) – XSEED Games, an independent-minded publisher, is pleased to announce that it will be bringing the action-adventure title Way of the Samurai 4 to North America this summer exclusively on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system as a digital release through the PlayStation®Store. Already released in Japan and garnering a Famitsu Gold Award amidst critical acclaim, Way of the Samurai 4 takes players on a journey through post-isolationist Japan, and chronicles the power struggle between three warring factions.

"Way of the Samurai 4 is the latest installment of a prized series that we know will be well-received by fans here," said Ken Berry, Director of Publishing at XSEED Games. "In this new game, much more will be told of the epic battles fought in Japan in a way that further evolves the series, including branching storylines, multiple endings, a unique online element, as well as some random silliness and craziness that players have come to expect of the brand."

Offering a unique setting, Way of the Samurai 4 opens in mid-19th century Japan. For hundreds of years, the Japanese shogunate has operated under a strict policy of isolation, keeping the nation walled off from foreign trade and cultural influence. Now, for the first time in centuries, Japan has opened its borders to the world beyond. This new cultural landscape has created countless opportunities for the ambitious, and players are thrown into this world as a masterless samurai looking to make a name for himself.

Players will begin their experience in Way of the Samurai 4 by creating their own customized character. After building their samurai warrior and choosing from one of three distinct age groups – youth, young man or middle-aged – players are thrown into a tumultuous power struggle between three factions: the shogunate pro-governmental forces, the nationalistic isolationists, and the foreign powers who are heavily influenced by the British Navy.

As players freely discover a vibrant and living world, selecting which quests and missions to undertake will shape their own destiny as loyalties to each of the three feuding factions affects the branching storyline and which of the multiple endings will be experienced. The dynamic combat system includes a vast array of bladed and gunpowder-based customizable weapons, and the unique online feature allows the uploading and downloading of player characters to roam in other players' games as an assassin to challenge and defeat in order to receive that character's equipped spoils. The original Japanese voice-overs have been left intact and will be accompanied by English sub-titles.

Developed by ACQUIRE and published by Spike in Japan, Way of the Samurai 4 will be released in North America this summer on the PlayStation 3 system as a digital release on the PlayStation Store. XSEED Games will share more product info in the coming months.

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