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Aion opens the BlackCloud Marketplace, adds eternal weapon

MJ Guthrie

As part of Aion's conversion to the Truly Free model, NCsoft finally opened the doors of the new cash shop. Dubbed the BlackCloud Marketplace, Daevas can immediately begin purchasing in-game items with NCoin either singularly or in bundles. What exactly is stocking the shelves? We finally have the answer for you!

Besides the expected pets, consumables, emotion cards, and appearance items, the marketplace also offers XP amulets and special boost packs including immunity from XP loss upon death, boosted AP, and boosted Empyrean Crucible points.

From now until 6:30 a.m EDT April 11th, Daevas will receive a bonus pre-order gift for purchasing a large C.U.B.E. -- a level-50 eternal-grade Tahabata weapon. After this time, only the appearance skins will be sold. The weapon type will be class-appropriate for the character the player chooses when first purchasing the C.U.B.E. Other than the restrictions that characters must be level 30 or above, players can buy as many large C.U.B.E.s as they wish during this time to obtain multiple weapons. Once purchased, the weapons will be delivered after server maintenance on the 11th and will be soul-bound.

To get your special deal or even just window shop, check out the BlackCloud Marketplace today.

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