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Guide to transmogrification resources

Dawn Moore

You just spent 13,000 gold on a pair of purple boots. No, not purple quality -- purple as in the color. What? It matched the subtle detailing on your tier 2 shoulders perfectly. OK, maybe not perfectly, but it's close enough. Wait, maybe you can find something closer? Better go look again.

We get it. You're addicted to transmogrification. Your void storage is packed full of gear that you haven't worn since level 9, and your friends are planning to stage an intervention. You want more -- no, you need more. Fortunately, we're here to help. Like a best friend who brings you a batch of her famous marshmallow chocolate chunk cookies two days after you start a diet, we've compiled a list of transmogrification resources you may find useful in getting your next fix -- I mean, outfit.

Gear guides and databases

If you're looking for a way to see the how an item looks, several sites offer comprehensive visual guides to the gear.

  • Icy Veins Transmogrification Guides Pick your class, decide what gear slot you're looking to fill, then bask in the amazingness that is having every single gear model you can possibly use in front of you in a fast, convenient manner. Wowhead links are available by hovering over the icon; clicking the icon takes you to a large image of the item. You can also view tier sets.
  • Wowhead Transmog Sets See gear organized by set. More than just tier gear, any set of items sharing a similar name is showcased as well.
  • World of Wardrobes What's unique about World of Wardrobes is that you can view pieces of gear by color. Looking for an orange mail belt? This site can help you find it quickly.


Though there aren't many yet, a few addons have sprung up to help players with transmogrification in game.
  • MogIt Similar to the databases that exist online, this allows you to view the same information without leaving your game client.
  • LooksBetterOnYou Allows you view gear in the Dressing Room on one of your alts or a character model of your choice. Ideal when you're shopping at the Auction House on your main or if you're thinking of race-changing.
  • AutoSheath Automatically unsheathes your characters' weapons for you, so they're always on display. Ideal for casters who can go through six tiers without ever holding their weapon.


Overwhelmed by all the possible choices you've got? Not very good with putting together an outfit of your own? No problem! There are tons of player blogs and sites dedicated to matching up unique outfits just like we do at WoW Insider each week.
  • Kirina's Closet This WoW fashion blog predates transmogrification. A classic.
  • WoW Roleplay Gear Though not every roleplaying outfit can be turned into a transmogrification outfit, most can be adapted. This is one of the best sites out there for roleplaying outfits.
  • Transmog Fashion Updated several times a day, this site features the transmogged outfits from random players across the servers. Think of it as street fashion photography in WoW. It's updated through a script that uses WoW Community Platform APIs.
  • Go Mog Yourself More than just a blog about how to make outfits, the various authors of Go Mog Yourself discuss the stories and processes behind assembling a new outfit.
  • The Transmog Blog This blog has no recent updates, but there is a nice backlog of outfits.
  • WoW: Fashion Here's a simple, frequently updated transmog blog. There is a nice diversity of outfits to browse over for every armor type, race, and gender.

  • Reddit Transmogrification Need somewhere to share your latest creation with like-minded players? Want feedback on a new outfit or help finishing one you can't quite tie together? Submit a picture of your outfit to this subreddit.
  • WoW Model Viewer For the more technically inclined, WoW Model Viewer uses your World of Warcraft game client to view items on any character model of your specification.
  • Mog-My-Gear If you're absolutely clueless, this site basically offers free design services. It's sort of like having a personal shopper, except you have to go find the gear yourself afterward. Tell Mog-My-Gear what you want to look like, and it'll figure out a custom look based on your specifications. The gallery of previously designed outfits is quite impressive.

Want to see your site on this list? If you've got a unique visual guide, community, blog, or addon that's not on this list, email a link to dawn@wowinsider.

Patch 4.3 lets you transmogrify your gear to look like any other gear your class can wear -- but you have to collect it first. Check out our coverage of transmogrification and start running those old dungeons!

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