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How to use WoW Insider's new comment system


So, we have this bright and shiny new comment system. It's pretty hot, isn't it? We told you it was coming. Not only is it a very pretty system, but it's also fairly simple to use. That being said, here's what you need to know about using our system.
  • How do I log in? Just type your comment and press Reply. You can choose from a handful of options to decide how you're leaving a comment. Most of the login options are common social networks like Facebook or Twitter. If you want a more anonymous option, choose Open ID. Twitter can work for that, too -- you don't need to use your real first and last name when registering there. Don't forget you can choose to post your comment directly to Facebook or Twitter as well just by checking those buttons next to Comment.
  • How do I set my avatar? Since you use your social network account to leave a comment now, the comment system uses the avatar associated with that account. So if you want to change your avatar, change it with the network option you choose. For example, if you leave a Twitter comment, then change your Twitter avatar.
  • How do I sort comments? Look in the upper left corner of the comment box and choose to sort by Newest or Oldest.
The system is really simple and quick to use. We're pretty happy with it. So far, it looks like you good folks like it, too.

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