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Operation: Game Over bans sex offenders from online games in New York


The New York State attorney general has announced a widespread, sweeping purge of sex offenders from online games, Forbes reports. Working with companies such as Microsoft, Disney, and Blizzard, New York State, which requires sex offenders to register their emails, is using those emails to remove accounts and ban players from services.

Going by the name Operation: Game Over, the effort has already banned more than 3,700 accounts from a variety of online games and web spaces. Eric Schniderman, New York's attorney general, was happy with the cooperation from these big companies and online portals.

As virtual worlds grow and more and more people enter online games, keeping tabs on children and predators is an increasingly worrisome topic. By using the existing sex offenders registry, the state can start with whatever information it already has as it moves to expand the program. Read the full story on Forbes.

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