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Find Alex, Mat, or Fox at PAX East and get a free in-game companion pet


If you can find Alex, Mat, or Fox walking around the convention floor at PAX East this weekend, be sure to say hi, and you could get a code for an in-game companion pet. All you need to do is tell them you want it -- maybe sweeten the deal by saying how cool WoW Insider is -- and it's yours!

Alex, Mat, and Fox will be giving these out on Friday and Saturday, so the sooner you find them, the better chance you'll have at some sweet loot. Supplies are limited.

Oh, and there's this WoW Insider Panel on Saturday at 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in the Wyvern Theater, where we're giving away just about everything under the sun. Actually, including the sun. Yup.

The above picture is of Fox and Michelle Morrow after Fox was denied several hugs at a taping of The Price is Right. I'm not sure if he'll be wearing his Price is Right name tag or not at PAX East, but I wouldn't be surprised if he is. Hit the break for pictures of what Mat looks like. I've also thrown in a picture of Sacco for good measure, even though he doesn't have any codes to give away. (/chuckle)



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