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Take-Two's Zelnick regrets THQ quote


Friday 6 April

175 lbs (That's 170 of muscle and five pounds of delicious Legal Seafood New England Clam Chowder.)

Food consumed today: Chowdah! Chowdah! Chowdah!

Early morning. Boston. I watched the sun rise this morning, contemplating regret and its place in business ... and the universe.

Oh, Diary,

I made a faux pas yesterday, which I understand is also known as a gaffe to those whose offices reside below the 20th floor of any office building. I was asked about the difference between that wandering camp of nomads at THQ and the Empire of Take-Two (and its kingdoms of Rockstar and 2K Games), and gave what I think was a very measured response. I may have overstepped when I said, "THQ won't be around in six months."

Oh boy, did I stir up the hornet's next. THQ understandably wasn't too happy and reflexively responded that my "perception of THQ is outdated and inaccurate." Blurgh, Diary, I have to see THQ CEO Brian 'Feral' at the corporate mixers, so I had to play nice and offer up a cheese plate of mea culpa.

"While discussing our strategy I spoke out of turn about someone else's. It was inappropriate and I regret it," I told Game Informer.

But, Diary. Come on ... between you and me. We both know the truth.


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