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Uncharted 3 DLC dishes out 'Drake's Deception Map Pack'


Naughty Dog has announced four new stomping-and-shooting grounds for the multiplayer side of Uncharted 3, all of which will be available for download on April 10 -- either as a separate download of $9.99 or as a complimentary download to all Fortune Hunters' Club members.

The Drake's Deception Map Pack is comprised of multiplayer maps Graveyard, Old Quarter, London Streets and Oasis. This will be the last offering in the Fortune Hunters' Club DLC program, which grants players a discount after they drop $24.99 for a collection of multiplayer maps and skins. On April 17, when the PSN Store updates, the Fortune Hunters' Club will no longer be accepting applications, at which point all DLC will only be available a la carte.

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