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Guild Wars 2 adds Best Buy to CE pre-purchase retailer list, releases new video [Updated]


Preparing to run out and snag your Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition tomorrow? For avid fans in the US, you used to have only one option: Gamestop. However, now it appears that ArenaNet is shipping the coveted CEs to Best Buy as well.

According to the ArenaNet-authored pre-purchase retailers list on the Guild Wars 2 wiki, Best Buy has joined Gamestop, which makes them the only two brick-and-mortar outlets in the US that are selling physical copies of the standard edition and Collector's Edition. US players also have the option of pre-purchasing a boxed standard edition through Amazon.

ArenaNet will open the doors for Guild Wars 2's pre-purchases and pre-orders tomorrow, April 10th, and will post the pre-purchase list on the official website at that time. President Mike O'Brien recently clarified some of the finer points regarding the pre-purchase program.

[Thanks to Ravious for the tip!]

[Updated: ArenaNet has also released a Collector's Edition video to celebrate the impending pre-purchase date! We've embedded it after the cut.]

[Updated on April 10th: Tipster Mcguffn has pointed us to a thread in which Best Buy representatives posted that the retailer will not be participating in the promotion, but ArenaNet has since Tweeted that "Best Buy is participating in the pre-purchase program, and will have copies soon. Forum poster was misinformed." We'll update this post if we learn more.]

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