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Fortnite listing changed from PC to TBD after follow-up


Epic Games producer Chris Mielke has a few projects under his wing at the moment, after having shipped a variety of past games with the studio. Beyond anything unlisted, his LinkedIn profile shows that he's currently working on both Infinity Blade: Dungeons and Epic's new IP, Fortnite. While we know the former is heading to iOS devices, the latter still hasn't been given a platform.

Up until this morning, however, Mielke's profile also offered a bit more detail on Fortnite, as seen in the image above of the cached search on Google (thanks Google!). While Epic Games wouldn't offer a comment on the listing, his profile mysteriously went from listing the game as "Fortnite (PC)" to "Fortnite (TBD)" after our inquiry.

We also asked directly if Fortnite is the aforementioned PC-exclusive title in the works at Epic. "Yes, we're working on a PC game. No, it's not a port. Yes, you'll have to wait to find out more," was all we were told, unfortunately.

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