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Dark Age of Camelot retunes Relic system


Dark Age of Camelot's Relic system is under the dev team's magnifying glass this month, and it looks as though dedicated RvRers are going to have to adjust to a few significant changes to how Relic raids work in the near future.

"We have learned over the years that being complex and being complicated are two very different things," Producer Stuart Zissu writes. "If players can't immediately grasp the situation and understand what is needed of them, then there is room for improvement."

In a new producer's letter, Zissu spells out the changes to the Relic system. Relics Temples and Mile Gates will be eliminated, and Relics themselves will be moved to the inner keeps. These new Relic Keeps will be granted additional guards the more keeps a realm holds in their home territory. However, the more relics a faction claims, the weaker the guards will be. Relic runs will be made more challenging, as the game will notify everyone in the region where the Relic holder is and faster avenues of transportation will be cut off.

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