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PSA: Mass Effect 3 'Resurgence Pack' DLC now available


As promised, EA has unleashed some free DLC for Mass Effect 3 today. The Resurgence Pack DLC provides more multiplayer tools for lifeforms looking to improve their galactic readiness level. Resurgence includes two new maps in Hydra and Condor, six new operatives including the rat pack of Asari, Batarian, Krogan and Geth seen above, and a slew of new weapons.

The Resurgence Pack is free to all Mass Effect 3 players with a valid online pass code on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You can download it on your preferred platform right now.

Note: There is a "Resurgence Pack" download on the Xbox Live Marketplace for 320 MS Points. This was uploaded in error, and BioWare is working to remove it. Don't spend money on this!

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