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Someone got Ezio in my Final Fantasy XIII-2


Ezio Auditore da Firenze is a man's man -- he's rugged, ripped, mysterious and he looks menacing even in a dress-like robe. Ubisoft worked hard to make Ezio project such a style in the Assassin's Creed titles, and is so confident in its wardrobe choices that it's let Square Enix throw Ezio's classic hood and straps on Noel in Final Fantasy XIII-2. Surely the layered, butchy furs and armor will remain as masculine with a smooth-skinned, pouty man underneath. Surely.

The Ezio outfit is available now on Xbox Live for $3 (240 MS Points), and tomorrow on PSN. See for yourself how Ezio's clothes look on Noel, minus the hidden blades and plus a few glowing swords, in the above video and screens below.

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