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TextWrangler 4.0: Now even better, still free


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The good folks over at Bare Bones Software have just released version 4.0 of their classic and free text editor for Mac OS X, TextWrangler. I talked with Bare Bones head wrangler Rich Siegel a few weeks ago about what was set to come out, and the company has basically added a lot of great new features to a classic app.

Siegel noted that the previous version of the app pre-dates OS X Lion, so it needed a bit of refreshing. TextWrangler 4.0 works only on Intel-based Macs running OS X 10.6 and later. They'll be shipping the new version through the Mac App Store and the Bare Bones site -- Siegel said they'd prefer to be shipping only through their own store, as the App Store tends to "isolate the customer from the developer."

Under the hood, Siegel says the new version of TextWrangler has all of the major performance improvements that were built into BBEdit 10. You can now search and read text compressed inside of zip files -- to modify those text files, you'll still need BBEdit 10.

Rich also noted that BBEdit is coming up on a whopping 20 years of life as a Mac app -- that's an incredible run for a Mac developer. Check out the press release below for further details on the goodies available in TextWrangler 4.0.

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Bare Bones Software Releases TextWrangler 4.0
Major Upgrade Highlights Advanced Power and Streamlined

BEDFORD, Mass. - April 10, 2012 - Bare Bones Software today
announced the release and immediate availability of TextWrangler(tm)
4.0, a major upgrade to its high performance, general purpose text
editor for Mac OS X.

TextWrangler 4 introduces new editing and disk browser window
layouts, switchable syntax color schemes, and seamless preservation
of open documents on relaunch. In addition, TextWrangler 4 also
includes a completely re-imagined Preferences window, new Setup
window, a streamlined filtering and automation interface, new
support for Verilog and VHDL, plus a new modeless "Open File by
Name" feature with efficient search-as-you-type results.
TextWrangler 4 includes other significant performance and user
interface enhancements.

In TextWrangler 4, the new editing window now presents a streamlined
layout with easy, direct access to both open and recent documents.
When run on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), TextWrangler 4 also supports
"Full-screen" mode and "any edge" window resizing.

Upon quitting, TextWrangler 4 now automatically remembers the
contents of unsaved documents, and restores them the next time it is

The completely re-imagined Preferences window in TextWrangler 4
makes customization easier than ever before. For example, a new
"Text Colors" preference panel now makes it easy to create and
switch between different color schemes. In addition, a new Setup
window provides a central location to manage configuration,
including FTP/SFTP bookmarks, grep patterns and file filters.

Access to text filters and scripts is now streamlined, plus
TextWrangler 4 now has the ability to treat AppleScripts, Automator
actions and Unix scripts as co-equal and all may be used as text
filters or run directly as scripts.

Detailed information on changes and improvements implemented in
TextWrangler 4 can be found at:

For more information on TextWrangler, please visit the company's web

TextWrangler 4 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher (10.6.8, or 10.7.3
or later recommended). All Mac OS X users may download TextWrangler
4 free of charge from the Mac App Store or the Bare Bones Software
web site:

Text Engine for the Mac Community

Crafted in Bare Bones Software's best traditions as a leading Mac
software developer, TextWrangler is a powerful general purpose text
editor. It features a clean and easy-to-use interface and a rich set
of features for composing and manipulating text. Additional
information can be found on the company's web site at:

About Bare Bones Software, Inc.

Bare Bones Software, Inc. develops leading-edge power tools for the
Mac. The company's passion for creating deeply functional software
with a clean, effective interface has earned it devotion from Mac
users worldwide, plus quite a few awards. For more information,
visit .

TextWrangler, Yojimbo, WeatherCal and the Bare Bones Software logo
are trademarks of, and BBEdit and "It doesn't suck" are registered
trademarks of Bare Bones Software, Inc. Copyright (c) 2012, all
rights reserved. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are
the property of their respective owners.

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