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Cast Of The Seven Godsends brings retro running, gunning to XBLIG and Windows 7

Jordan Mallory

Cast Of The Seven Godsends is a Ghosts 'n Goblins-inspired action game from Raven Travel Studios, a relatively new indie development house out of Italy. Launching sometime "soon" this year on Windows 7 and XBLIG, Cast Of The Seven Godsends drops you into an 80s-esque side-scrolling fantasy world filled with monsters, Castlevania-like projectile weapons and magic.

During the adventure, you collect "Godsends," which can be used to augment a weapon's properties and imbue it with magic. Each of the seven Godsends' magical effects are different depending on which of the game's five weapons they're applied to, which translates to 40 different weapon configurations and 35 different magical abilities.

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