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New DDO trailer goes behind the scenes on Underdark expansion

Jef Reahard

Can't get enough of Turbine's new Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion, eh? We can't either, and fortunately the firm has released a new trailer that takes us behind the scenes on the making of the Menace of the Underdark content.

The clip features producer Fernando Paiz, who calls the expansion the largest content push in the game's six-year history. Since the expansion is delving into a new IP (the Forgotten Realms, as opposed to DDO's original Eberron setting), the devs have had to adjust their thinking in terms of both content and art direction. Turbine's Jeff De Puy says that "almost all the monsters [the devs are] creating for Forgotten Realms are epically large and big."

How epically large and big? You'll have to click past the cut and view the video to find out.

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