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ArenaNet shows the making of Guild Wars 2's collector's edition statue


When Guild Wars 2's pre-purchase program started two days ago, scores of fans descended upon their local retailers looking to secure one of its few, highly desired collector's editions. For those fortunate enough to grab one, ArenaNet has posted an inside look at the centerpiece of the CE: the Rytlock Brimstone statue.

While the team considered statues of each of the races, it decided that the Charr was the most iconic and worthy of star treatment. ArenaNet partnered up with Canada's Happy Worker to fashion the detailed statue that shows Rytlock with his flaming blade, standing over a field of skulls. The heavy statue is 10 inches tall and painstakingly hand-painted.

If you're still attempting to hunt down a collector's edition of Guild Wars 2, head over to the pre-purchase page on the official site for the list of retailers in your country.

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