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    Daily iPhone App: Time to Enjoy lets you find events based on time


    Did you ever find yourself ready for a night out and clueless about where to go and what to do? If you need help finding a spur-of-the-moment event, then you should check out Time to Enjoy, a time-driven event calendar.

    Time to Enjoy is different than other event apps which list events based only on your location or a search. It's smarter than that and uses both your selected time and location to display nearby events. If it's my lunch break and I want to make plans for the evening, I can tap on the 8 pm slot on the Time to Enjoy calendar, and it will pull up events that I can attend at that time.

    Once I find something to do, I can add the event to one of my synced calendars, Google it for more information or share it via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or email. If you're not sure where the event is being held, you can click on the "directions" link and the app will launch Google Maps.

    Time to Enjoy works best in urban areas where there are ample concerts, sporting events, movies, conferences, art exhibits, and more. Even in my rural area, though, it picked up local classes, band performances and an organic farmer's market.

    You can grab Time to Enjoy from the iOS App Store for free.

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