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SWTOR launches the legacy patch, new operation video, and rewards for loyalists


Star Wars: The Old Republic launched Update 1.2: Legacy this morning, so now fans can do the happy dance... with their companions, thanks to the new Legacy unlocks. But fans and their companions aren't the only ones celebrating; the SWTOR community team itself released a brand-new video focusing on the Update 1.2 operation Explosive Conflict and new bonuses for veteran players.

As the video explains, the recently discovered planet of Denova holds the largest supply of uradium in the galaxy. The Republic hired mercenaries to help defend the planet against the Empire, but the gang has gone rogue. Whether you are Empire or Republic, you will win one of the greatest resources for your side if you defeat Kephess and his mutinous mercs. Catch the full "explosive" video after the cut!

And if you're an active subscriber, you can look forward to a free Tauntaun Ram pet. Level 50 characters will also be treated to a free month of gametime.

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