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Developers chime in on six months of using iCloud in apps


It's been six months since Apple released iOS 5 and launched iCloud. During this time, iCloud has grown to over 85 million users and developers are integrating the cloud service into a variety of apps. To find out what developers think about Apple's push into the cloud, you should read this recent article from MacStories's Federico Viticci, who talked to several developers about their experiences programming for iCloud.

Viticci says iCloud is "promising in the long-term benefits it aims to achieve," but the "adoption of iCloud sync and storage features has turned out to be a bit trickier, and possibly less intuitive than Apple's own implementation due to the early nature of the platform." Hopefully, these early wrinkles will be smoothed out and iCloud will continue to deliver on its promise to make data syncing between devices automatic, effortless, and seamless.

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