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The Daily Grind: What will be the next big thing for MMOs?

Shawn Schuster

When MMOs began, they were all about the sword and sorcery. The fantasy genre was such a big part of RPGs that the transition to MMORPGs only made sense for the magic-wielders among us.

When people got sick of fantasy, it was all about sci-fi. Several developers have branched out into other less popular genres from there, but it's no secret that the MMOFPS is settling in to make 2012 its year.

But what happens after that? What do you think will be the next genre-of-choice for MMO developers and/or players?

Every morning, the Massively bloggers probe the minds of their readers with deep, thought-provoking questions about that most serious of topics: massively online gaming. We crave your opinions, so grab your caffeinated beverage of choice and chime in on today's Daily Grind!

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