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Alleged ASUS teaser wants us to 'Experience the Infinity,' fails to explain how


This isn't the first time a mysterious bit of video has come our way with the promise of something new and fabulous from ASUS. The latest such clip comes from a third party, so take it with a hefty pinch of Morton's. It shows some slow motion footage of a drop of water falling into a bigger body of H2O, then a message emerges from the resulting concentric waves telling us to "Experience the Infinity." Whatever that means, it'll be "coming soon" -- next week, apparently, as the video finishes up touting Milano Design Week, which starts on April 17th. Is the video legit? Will some fabulous new device make its mark in Milan? We've no idea, but it certainly has a style similar to other teasers we've seen from the Taiwanese firm. You can make up your own mind once you've watched the vid after the break.

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