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CordCruncher headphones: A sound way to keep your life tangle-free


Kickstarter has launched a number of innovative products, and one caught my attention a few weeks ago -- the CordCruncher headphones. The inventor, Jay Johnson, claimed that he'd come up with a way of keeping headphone cables from tangling. Sure enough, his product works amazingly well and the project is now funded on Kickstarter with a few days to go. Read along for a short review of the product, then go back the project on Kickstarter for $20 to get a set of these 'phones for your very own.

The idea behind the CordCruncher headphones is rather simple -- there's an elastic sleeve that surrounds the cables. To use the headphones, you simply pull down on the sleeve until you get the cables out to the length you want between 16 inches and 3.5 feet. When you're done listening, you "zip" the cables back into the sleeve with a quick tug. The short video at the end of this post shows how it's done, and I can vouch for how well the CordCruncher works.

What's really unique is that you can also plug the headphone jack into the top of the CordCruncher to carry your headphones around your neck necklace-like or as a wristband. It's the first set of headphones that's also a fashion accessory!


In case you're wondering, the CordCruncher headphones also provide good sound quality. They use in-ear buds with a set of different-sized inserts for the ultimate in listening comfort. Don't just sit there, support the CordCruncher project before Friday, April 20 at 9:01 AM EDT and get a set for yourself.

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