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The secrets of Trials HD's wildly convoluted riddle revealed

Jordan Mallory

Trials HD, the death/patience-defying XBLA motorcycle acrobatics game originally released during 2009's Summer of Arcade, apparently contains a riddle so massively brain-busting that no one has been able to fully divine its true meaning.

Perhaps out of pity for its tireless community, or perhaps out of frustration over waiting three years for its awesome riddle to be solved, developer RedLynx has assisted Trials HD veteran FatShady in bringing resolution to the burning questions posed by various clues scattered about the game.

As the above deconstruction video demonstrates, RedLynx put a lot of effort into this riddle, so much so that we think they might be in the wrong line of work. Don't get us wrong, Trials HD is great, but with talent like this at the helm, maybe LOST wouldn't have turned out the way it did.

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