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WoW Moviewatch: Fear and Loathing in Pandaria: Ragefire Chasm Repopulated


In Fear and Loathing in Pandaria: Ragefire Chasm Repopulated, the good Baron Soosdon jumps into that ancient demonic realm, Ragefire Chasm. (It's not just a clever name.) Exactly how different is the MoP Ragefire Chasm versus what we have now?

The architecture and basic design of RFC is pretty much the same. You won't walk into it and spontaneously not know your way around. However, the old mobs have been replaced with a shiny new array of critters -- lava worms, orcs, and all the other little hallmarks of a brand new experience. We'll probably still get burned out on the place after a while, but RFC will certainly feel new-ish to most of us.

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