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Fansite details DUST 514 newbie experience

Jef Reahard

Fansite has the best introductory info dump we've seen to date regarding CCP's upcoming DUST 514 MMOFPS.

The sci-fi shooter is, of course, set in EVE Online's New Eden universe, but how exactly does the new player experience look and feel? That question is answered at length on the site's latest blog post. Dropsuits and dropsuit fittings are covered in detail, as is DUST's complex skill system.

Also noteworthy are the tidbits relating to missions and PvP. DUST, like EVE, starts newbs off in high-security space, where there are plenty of NPC corporations willing to hand out mercenary contracts. These aren't just bot matches, though, as you'll go up against other players who have chosen to work for competing corporations. The blog also delves into DUST's version of blueprint originals and blueprint copies as they relate to gear acquisition, not to mention a host of other interesting topics.

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